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In the ever-changing world of internet-driven activities, having a website is just a part of the game. It has to be highly optimized and professional. It has to be attractive as well. But most importantly, it has to be functional. Our expert team provides web design and development services to businesses of all sizes.

Tashin Digitech concentrates on not only providing a beautiful design but on layouts that give your customers the information they are looking for. But, more importantly, the first impression of your business, the services you provide, or about the latest event just about to happen in your business.

Our professional website developers provide web application development and web design services to our customers around the globe. Tashin Digitech offers a variety of website design services, made up of the creation of mobile web development solutions, responsive website designs, and building custom e-commerce experiences using the latest and proven web technologies. With more than 84 percent of consumers visiting company or business provider’s website before making any purchase, many consumers make decisions based on their online experience: the appearance, usability, and accessibility of your website is more essential than ever, especially in an increasingly competitive market.

Believe this: it is not just your website, it is the face of your business. Make it appealing if you want more quality conversions.

Do you need your business to have a strong online presence? If you did not, you would not be reading this. You have heard of search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) and you have heard of social media marketing (SMM) – the list goes on and on.

But, all the digital marketing techniques and strategies in the world mean nothing without an amazing, user and SEO friendly – website. Not having one is like going to a party wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Definitely, you would not want to be that kind of a person. We do not want you to be either.

At Tashin Digitech, we want to give you the online presence that counts and matters most. The one that makes your business outstanding and legitimate. The one that makes more money for your business while your competitors are sitting around sipping coffee and wasting their precious time.

Because we know how valuable your website is to you, we can assist you in a way no other company can. The site we create for you will be built from the ground up. It will be 100 percent SEO and user-friendly. Both search engines and clients will know their legitimacy. The ultimate aim and the end result will be an incredible increase in your conversion rate. That is what you want. That is what you deserve. And that is what we will deliver to you!

Website Design

Why Brands Choose Tashin Digitech for Web Design

Here are some of the reasons why we stand out as a web design and development company when it comes to our level of experience with websites and creating digital experiences.

  • Physically and quick web design and development methodology
  • Award-winning web development solutions
  • Competitive rates for web design and development skill
  • A cross-functional team of professionals based in America and Asia
  • The friendly and open way of working with customers
  • Tried and tested track record of successful web design and development.
  • Shorter development periods which amount to lower costs
  • Unparalleled open technology expertise and experience

Website Development means nothing more than a way of considering, determining, designing, programming, testing, and debugging a website. It is closely associated with creating and taking care of applications, systems, or other website segments.

We offer the best timely website development quality services at a friendly cost. Our dynamic developers work on innovative website technologies to bring out the best in the designing process. The web development process includes web design, web content creation, and other jobs.

Expert website designs are proven to grow your bottom line:

Your website is undoubtedly your most important marketing asset, and if it is not growing your business, it is time for you to create a new one. Consider these facts:

  • 93 percent of online activities start with a search engine.
  • 63 percent of clients basically use your company’s website to locate you and subsequently engage with you.
  • 75 percent of prospective clientshave judged a company’s credibility based on its website design.

In the digital landscape of today’s business world, every business needs a website—it acts as your virtual sales rep every minute of the day. If your website is not up-to-date, mobile-friendly, satisfactory or does not convert visitors into leads, you need a professional website design company that makes the process easy and simple. What if you need a website redesign? We do that, too! Scroll down to learn more, or contact us below to get started! 


Features of a Sales-Driven Website Design

Wondering why your competitors are outperforming you? It most likely has something to do with their website and what is written on it:

Your website has to be visible. When we say visible, we mean in search engines such as Google. More than 90 percent of online experiences start with a search engine, so your website needs to be optimized for the best search engine optimization practices. When you choose Tashin Digitech, you are sure to have a website optimized for SEO.

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly. About 57 percent of all US online traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets, and those online users say they will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.  If that is not strong evidence to convince you, Google also ranks mobile websites higher in the search engine results.

Your website needs to be secure. In the online world, data breaches and hacked consumer information have been big issues in recent times. Your website visitors are aware of this fact, too. If your website has any place where users can fill in their personal data (even if it is just a phone number and email address), then it has to be secured. Google also gives preference to secured websites in the search results.

Your website has to work fast. Website visitors want to see something happen on your site in less than five seconds. If that did not happen, 40 percent of them will leave and navigate to another website. Even a little delay can cause a 7 percent reduction in conversions.

Your website needs an optimal user experience. Once your page loads, users form an opinion in less than one second. These internet users look forward to finding information easily and quickly—especially from a mobile device. Our company promises you of two important features:

  • Strategy-Driven Design

We design websites that are appealing, but with a technique in place to help convert more website visitors into steady customers and set you up for success.

  • Responsive Websites

The greater majority of your customers will be accessing your website from their phone. We design your website in such a way that it looks great on many types of devices.

Our Website Design and Development Stages

First stage: Discovery and knowing you

Tashin Digitech want to know everything about you! Part of our discovery process involves completing a discovery questionnaire, asking a lot of questions about your business, telling us about sites you love, sites you had and more. Then, we will schedule a start-off call so we can discuss everything you have submitted.

Second Stage: The Design proper

Using the information you provided during our discovery stage, Tashin Digitech will work to design a custom website just for you. We will provide you with a style guide of color, typography and device responsiveness with a complete page of the initial concept of the home page for your review and input if necessary. This is a collaborative job, so we want to know your thought and have your input during the entire process.

Third Stage: Development or Building

After the design stage comes the development stage – this is the time to build! We will take your completed idea and turn it into a functional website. Once completed, we will give you a private website URL for previewing and testing your new site. This gives you the chance to test it on all your devices, check that all the links and buttons work, and ensure you like the images and content layout.

Fourth Stage: Content creation

Your website is not complete yet until every page has content on it. Our hope is that you have been working hard during the first three stages to have content ready for stage four. Your customers are visiting your website for a reason, so you want to ensure you have answered all their questions! Content is an integral aspect of every website. We will take your content and place it appropriately on all the pages so that it looks great and is easy to read.

Fifth Stage: Launch and “go live”

It is time to launch your new website! That means you have tested and approved it, you are now ready to make your site go live for the world to see. Tashin Digitech will shoulder all the technicalities involved in this stage – getting it loaded onto your server, making it live, as well as any debugging necessary. As a matter of fact, we will ensure Google knows where your site is too.

Sixth Stage: Training and Support

Once your website is launched, that is just the beginning stage! We will schedule a training period for you so we can walk you through how to manage your website and answer all your questions. We will talk about support options with you at this time too. Your site will need regular care and maintenance to thrive.


Why Companies Love Our Professional Website Design Services

You have many options and choices when it comes to web design services, so why choose Tashin Digitech? Our company has a specialty in custom, sales-driving web designs. Our work covers highly customized, enterprise-level web portals as well as affordable web design services for small businesses. We guarantee you will find something you like. From design to content creation, our team will handle it all to give you a turn-key website:

  • Hosting and programming
  • Graphic design
  • Advanced analytics tracking
  • Optimization for SEO
  • Existing content import
  • New content creation
  • Lead form creation and tracking
  • Website compatibility across all browsers and devices
  • Integration with social media pages
  • XML sitemap creation and submission

What is more? You will own your website, unlike many local website design companies that cease its hostage. You would be surprised how many web design services that have hidden clauses in their contracts.

An expert web design and marketing company, like Tashin Digitech, can help in this regard. Did we say that we use years of information to guide our designs? You are sure to have a high-performing and lead-driving website.

If you have a limited budget, do not worry as we have a huge library of website design templates and layouts which have been proven for effective SEO and capable of converting visits into leads. If you are looking for something that is completely custom, we can do that too. It does not matter whether this will be your first website or a simple SEO upgrade of your existing website, you have come to the right place.

Simply put, your website should be awesome, beautifully laid out, and lead-focused. An expert web design and marketing company, like Tashin Digitech, can be of assistance to you. Ready to Grow your Business? Contact Our Website Design Team Today

Looking for affordable web design services? Tashin Digitech is an award-winning web design company with a team of digital designers specializing in designing and building mobile-friendly websites that:

  • Increase leads
  • Drive sales growth
  • Optimize marketing costs
  • Differentiate their brands in the marketplace

Unlike other website design services that only concentrate on the look of your company’s website, Tashin Digitech’s web designers uniquely target your industry, your market, and your customers with accuracy. But do not take our word for it, you can check our website design case studies that prove it.

We have worked with businesses of all sizes throughout their website design projects, from small local contractors to enterprise organizations, and have a team of in-house website programmers and designers ready to take on your next project.

Tell us about your business goals and your company’s website needs. Call us NOW!

Get from the very best

Website is the brand of your business. As much as you can make a eye catchy design of your website, visitors will attract to business and the website will be a brand for your business. 

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