SEO for Plastic Surgeon

Are you a plastic surgeon? If yes, you should read this article. Because I am going to explain how to get patients who are looking for the best plastic surgeon in their area. The article SEO for plastic surgeon is going to be interested for you.

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is an exclusive procedure. For this reasons, people needs a surgery, they research a little bit regarding the procedure of plastic surgery when they would like to select the best plastic surgeon.

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What is SEO for Plastic Surgeon or Plastic Surgery?

SEO stands for search engine optimization in general sense. But when it comes to a specific ear or specific product or service like plastic surgery, it called SEO for plastic surgeon or plastic surgery. If you are a plastic surgeon and would like to get enough patients who need a plastic surgeon immediately, you have to focus on Search Engine Optimization.

There are two kinds of Search Engine Optimizations:

  • Organic SEO
  • Paid SEO

Here organic SEO means where you can show the presence of your business or website in front of patients without spending money on paid advertising.

On the other hand, Paid SEO means where you can show the presence of your business in front of patients using paid marketing channels like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Google Ads.

SEO for Plastic Surgeon

How does SEO for Plastic Surgeon work:

I know you are a plastic surgeon. Because you are reading this article that states about the SEO for plastic surgery. Now, I am going to break down the steps of how SEO for plastic surgery works:

Keyword Research: First of all, you need to research and select the best keywords for your business. In the United States, 110000 peoples search for Plastic Surgeon per month and 33000 people search for Plastic Surgeon Near me each month. Maybe you can imagine right now, how many patients you can get from them. Finding and selecting the best keyword is not as easy as you think but if you have enough time to learn it and do it yourself, you could do.

Content Writing: After researching and selecting a set of keywords, you have to write an informative article for the people who will visit your website. The article should be search engine friendly as well as informative and valuable. The search engine doesn’t want to write for it, it wants you to write for the visitors/users.

Landing pages creation: I assume that you have a website and what you need to do with your website at this moment is to build the beautiful landing pages for your keywords. There should one landing page for each keyword. When you design your landing page, the page should be contained, image, video, text content, etc that you have written already using the keywords that you have researched.

Landing page optimization: Now your landing page is built but you shouldn’t make it live before complete the optimization. Here you have to optimize your landing pages as search engine recommends. Like page title, permalink structure, Meta description, internal linking, external linking, speed optimization, etc and this optimization called On-Page Optimization.

Now your landing page is live and you need to do the off-page optimization. In one word, now its time to build authority for your plastic surgery website and you can do that in several ways, like Link building, Guest Posting, Press Release, Infographic, etc.

What are the benefits of doing SEO for a plastic surgeon?

There are tons of benefits to using SEO for plastic surgery. Because if your website is not well optimized and not showing on the first page of search engines, you have really no presence. When you will search for a plastic surgeon in Google, you will see that Google has shown the top 10 organic results on the first page of it from 990 Million results (see below image). Just ask yourself, when you search for something on Google how many times you go to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th pages for finding the results that you were searched for. As above discussed, I can say that if your website is not on the first page of Google, you are missing a lot of business. Below I have stated some benefits of SEO for a plastic surgeon.

Plastic Surgeon

People are looking for you: As I have stated before more than millions of people search for a plastic surgeon like you per year in the United States.

Assume that, you are a plastic surgeon in New York and serving your service in New York City and surrounding areas. Do you know that more than 14000 people search for plastic surgery as well as plastic surgeon per month? 

SEO for Plastic Surgeons

Yes, 14000+ people search per month for plastic surgery in the New York area. The number of different studies, 75% of the total visitors receives the first page. So, the first page receives 75% of 14000=10500 visitors per month. And 33% of visitors visit who is in the first position in Google.

If I break down it, 33% of 10500 is 3465. So who is in the first position of Google’s search results page, receives 3465 visitors per month for free.

2nd position receives 15%, so 15% of 10500 is 1575 visitors per month for the term relating to the plastic surgeon or plastic surgery.

And 3rd position receives, 9%, so 9% of 10500 is 945 visitors per month. And position 5th, 6th, 7th, 7th, 9th, 10th receive the rest amount of traffic respectively.

More conversion: The people who are searching for plastic surgery or plastic surgeon, that means they are looking for a solution. They are more likely to convert. Just ask yourself, when you do search for something? It is natural that we search for something in Google or other search engines when we need that immediately. A person is searching for a plastic surgeon, which means he or she needs the help of a plastic surgeon immediately. Sometimes the people 80% of visitors convert to client those who visit your website through organic search. But if we make the conversion rate it is too lower like 15% that also gives an idea of how much you can do business from there.

Let’s break down it:

Assume that you are in the first position of Google for those terms that I have explained before.

So, you receive 3465 visitors per month and the conversion rate 15% (the lowest rate)

So, you will receive 520 clients each month.

Just forget about 80% or 15%, let’s make it madly, and assume 2% is conversion rate.

So, 2% of 3465= 69 clients per month.

I hope you can calculate now how much business you can do.

According to ASPS, Americans Spent More than $16.5 Billion on Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

SEO Pulls-in quality visitors: The search engine traffic is more likely to convert. As I have stated before, they search for a solution to a problem. You don’t have to get them through paid advertisements. That’s why the SEO industry is approaching 80 billion in 2020.

24/7 Promotion:  SEO for a plastic surgeon is a 24/7 promotion. Because when you will get the number one position in Google, your website will be promoted automatically 24/7. Even you don’t have to pay any money on paid advertising to make that promotion. Though you have spent some money like, $1500.00 to $3000.00 for keeping your position as number one. Because your competitor also trying to beat you and get the number one ranking.

Brand Awareness: Google gives ranking based on almost 273 ranking factors. But Google loves brands. When you are on the first page of Google’s search result pages, your brand will be visible to more people and awareness will be built for your brand.

SEO is an investment, not an expense: SEO for plastic surgeons or surgery is not an expense like paid advertising. Rather SEO for plastic surgery is an investment. Let me give you an example to make you clearer: When you promote your website using paid advertisement or channel, you can see that costs as an expense. Because, the money you have spent, you will receive benefits from them for that certain period of time.

But if you spent money on SEO or Search Engine Optimization, that would be your investment. Maybe you have a question in your mind that how spending money on SEO is an investment? Let me answer:

As stated before that as long as you will pay for your advertisement, your website will be promoting, but when you stop spending money on advertising, the promotion of your website will be stopped. But In the SEO era, first of all, you will receive tons of quality traffic to your website for free.

Secondly, you don’t have to pay a single penny for promoting your website.

SEO vs PPC: SEO receives 90% more traffic than PPC. As an example, 14000 people search for a plastic surgeon in New York, when they search, Google shows some ads on the above of the organic results.

90% of people click on the organic listing and only 2% of people click on the Paid listing or paid ads, and 8% of people don’t click on any result.

Why a plastic surgeon needs SEO?

A plastic surgeon needs SEO for plastic surgery. Because SEO is measurable and scalable. When you will get the number one position on Google, you will get a lot more clients for free. If you don’t do SEO for your services, your competitors will love you. Because you are leaving a lot of money for them. Because they are doing better business than you. And you have given that chance. If you are not at least on the first page of Google, potential patients or clients won’t find you. So, if they don’t find you, how they can reach you?

How much cost for doing SEO for a plastic surgeon?

It depends on how many people you want to target. The more people you target, the more budget you need.  Surgery is a fair competitive niche. If you would like to start working with a reputable SEO agency, you should have a minimum budget of $3000.00-$5000.00 per month and the campaign should run at least for 6 months. At Tashin DigiTech you will get price idea by visiting the pricing page.

How long I can get the 1st position in Google?

It is hard to answer how long it will take to get the 1st position in Google. But we can tell you from our experience that you have to wait 2-6 months for ranking your website for a certain keyword. Here I have stated 2-6 months because of the competitiveness of the industry. If the keywords that you have selected are too competitive, then it will take more than 6 months to rank on the first page of Google. When you will be on the first page of Google, you will get some visitors organically. But as long as you will optimize your website, the ranking will be in progress continuously. Sometimes, it takes 9 to 24 months for getting the number one position.

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