An Expert SEO Agency Can Help You to Grow Your Business


An Expert SEO Agency Can Help You to Grow Your Business

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What is SEO?

In the general sense, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization but it refers to optimize any website or page to make search engine friendly. SEO is one of the best marketing strategies for business owners. Especially for small and medium business owners. An expert SEO agency can help you to implement SEO effectively. There are two types of SEO.

  1. Organic SEO
  2. Paid SEO/SEM

Organic SEO refers to the natural placement of the website in SERPs. Actually, that means when we search something in the search engine, the search engine shows some relevant results to us. At Google, we see 10 natural placement on the first page of SERPs. That called the organic placement in the search engine. Besides, we see some ad results in the top, bottom as well as the right side of the SERPs. These ads are called paid SEO or SEM.

How does SEO work?

It is not 100% measurable that how does SEO work. But a lot of SEO experts have given their opinion that “SEO is the process of increasing visibility online, shows a search engine that the website or webpage is worthy for the visitor, the site has valuable information the specific person looking for”. Nowadays above 90% people come online at least once a day. If any person needs something to buy or needs any service, at first that people come online and checked what the information is available online about the required products or services.

As an example, if anyone needs an expert SEO agency in New York City for his/her business to do marketing, obviously that person doesn’t give advertisement on a newspaper that he needs an expert SEO company or SEO agency in New York City. He will obviously come online and search for the best SEO agency in his/her area. When he will search on google using that search term, Google will show the top 10 best websites which has higher authority and most useful information for the searcher. It doesn’t mean that Google or search engine has only 10 websites to show the searcher.

Top ten results

As per above image, when I was trying to search for the term “SEO”, Google has shown those 10 results out of 817 million results for that search term. Now the question is why Google place that 10 website in the first page and rests of the next page or so on. Google has intelligence who decide that which website should show in the first page of SERPs and which should place on the last.

Now another question arises that how Google measures that the websites contain the best informative information for the searcher instead of rests 46 million? The answer is, Google has 200+ ranking factors. In another word, you can say that these factors are the formula of checking the value or the worth of the website.  A website as much as meet the quality of these factors, Google will provide better value to the website and give the higher position on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Benefits of SEO

There are a lot of SEO benefits but I would like to share the best 25 benefits of SEO.

  1. People search online: There are more than 2 billion people search online every day for specific products or services. Their journey starts from the search bar of the search If you do SEO for your website, you have the opportunity to come in front of the search engine result pages and show your products or services to your potential customers.


  1. Quality Traffic: SEO drives quality traffic to your website or online store. SEO doesn’t force the visitors to visit your website or store. 75% of the links search users click on are organic. So, when someone search for a specific product or service Google tries to show the exact information as the search term. But in the case of paid ads, the advertising company shows ads though that is not an exact product or service.


  1. Better Conversation: SEO drives quality traffic that paid ads, so it is natural that there are more conversation chances. It means, the visitor came to your website through SEO, more of them will engage with you more than the paid ads.


  1. More Sales: It is natural that as much as people will engage with your website, they will become your customer. In that way, you will make more sales.


  1. Lower Cost: SEO is absolutely free. There are no costs like a paid If you use PPC, then you will have to pay for each click. But in SEO, you don’t have to pay for each click. The cost is involved to hire the best SEO agency who will optimize your website perfectly and make your site search engine friendly.


  1. Don’t Need Paid Advertising: If you have a strong SEO position, you don’t need to spend money on paid advertising. You will get your expected visitor through SEO.


  1. 24/7 Promotion: SEO will promote your website 24/7. When you will get the higher rank, you will get visitors to your site while you sleeping. SEO is not like a paid advertisement that as much as you will spend you will get a visitor. That way SEO will promote your website continuously.


  1. Brand Development: SEO will help you to develop your brand. When you will get a higher rank, a lot of impressions will be generated. Millions of people will see your brand/name. In this way, SEO will help you to develop your brand quickly.


  1. Trust and Credibility: SEO will build trust and credibility. Everyone trust Google. Google is the best search engine on our planet. Almost 56.9 billion peoples use Google for searching anything per month. Again 60% more click get who is in the first position on Google.


  1. SEO for Long Term: SEO is long term marketing strategy. If you rank higher, it is probable that you will stay at this position for the long As web analysis, a higher ranked website stay at that position for at least six months or higher.


  1. SEO Provides More Info: SEO provides more information to your visitor. People not only come to a search engine for buying products or services, but they also come for research. If your SEO is good enough and you have a higher position at Google, your visitor will get more information from your website which will help them for their research.


  1. Brand Awareness: Beside sales, SEO will help your visitors or customers about awareness of your brand. As much as people will see or know your brand, your brand will get more popular.


  1. SEO increase Attribution: When the awareness will be increasing, the customer’s attribution will be increased. They will get in touch with your brand.


  1. SEO Receive More Click: SEO receives 90% more clicks than paid advertising. Because people trust Google algorithms. Most of the time paid advertising company force the user to visit advertiser’s website through the user has no interest. If you invest in SEO, you will get more organic traffic than paid advertising.


  1. SEO Increase Referrals: If your website has good content and ranked higher, another website owner will refer your website to their friends. Because the person has gotten a solution visiting your website, he will definitely share the solution with their friends.


  1. SEO is Measurable: You can measure your SEO. You can see how much traffic you are getting from an individual channel using Google Analytics. You can measure exactly but in the case of paid advertising, there is no opportunity to measure your website traffic.


  1. SEO Increase Offline Sales: SEO increases your offline sales. Suppose, you have a physical store in California and you have a website for your business. If any visitor visits your website and like some products, if he doesn’t buy instantly, it is probable that he will visit your store and buy the products. This way, SEO increase offline sales.


  1. Lower Cost: SEO cost is lower than paid advertising. If you use PPC, you have to pay for every click but if you hire an expert SEO agency, maybe you can pay them $2000-$3500 per month as your SEO retainer.


  1. Competitors Activity: You are now at a higher rank but your competitors are using SEO to grow. This is an open platform. Everyone can do SEO and outrank his competitor. You should protect your current position from the attack of your competitor. If you do SEO properly, your competitor even doesn’t touch you.


  1. SEO Effectiveness: SEO is more effective for the small and medium business. Because small and medium business is not capable of competing the larger industries or companies on paid advertising. Because larger industries are capable of spending thousands of dollars per day but the small and medium business hasn’t enough money for spending on ads.


  1. Acquiring Market Share: SEO will help you to gain market share first. If you are in the first place, the visitor will trust you and buy from your store. Naturally, a visitor doesn’t scroll and go to the 10th page to see what was there.


  1. SEO will give place in the new market: If you are well optimized and ranked in the first position, you will enter into the new markets with new keywords.


  1. SEO is Permanent: SEO is permanent. It is not for time to time. When you will get the high rank and keep your optimization process ongoing, the position will be permanent for you.


  1. SEO is Affordable: SEO cost is low. You can hire an expert SEO agency at $2000-$3500 per month. And I hope if you hire an expert SEO agency, you will get the expectation within six months.


  1. Everyone can do SEO: If you wish to do SEO yourself you can do it. We provide Free SEO Reports, so you can implement that necessary thing by yourself. If you are not ready to do it yourself then contact an agency to do this properly.

Is there any possibility of the dead of SEO?

No, there is no possibility of the dead of SEO. Because search engine earn money through advertising. But the people who use the search engine, he/she doesn’t come to see the advertisement. As an example, we watch drama or movie or something else on TV. Sometimes we see a little break for commercial advertisement and after the advertisement, the drama or movie become restarted. If the TV Company will always play the advertisement on their channel, will you sit in front of the TV? Just think about it.

In a nutshell, Tashin DigiTech is an expert SEO agency which provides an effective SEO service to the clients. It has ranked 68+ websites in Google‘s first page including 43 websites in the first position of the Google SERPs in 2018-2019. Contact today to get the free audit report of your website which is $199.00 worth.

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