Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Our reputation management professionals help prevent negative pieces of content such as reviews, articles, search results and more that involve you or your business. We work to remove the negatives attached to your name or profile or brand and ensure your online reputation is clean always.

How Does Reputation Management Work?

Our Reputation Management strategy performs the following tasks to make you stay clean in the online world.

  • Find and Remove Negative Reviews

You know quite well that negative search results make a bad first impression and when it happens, your integrity score will drop to zero. The good news is that we can push the negative contents off the first page and out of sight.

  • Market Positive Content

We will encourage your customers to post reviews of your product or service and strategically advertise positive reviews online through social media channels, SEO, and other channels.

  • Examine Monitoring and Response

We proactively examine your brand’s online reviews and address all the negative concerns immediately. 

Our seasoned Tashin Digitech’s expert report provides…

Innovative Techniques specifically meant for your reputation

Affordable and Money Saving approaches to boost your reputation quickly

Strategies that sustain your reputation on a long-term basis

Immediate Impact strategies for quick improvements

Professionals with over 10 years of experience in preparing your analysis

Chances Revealed in your current reputation management

Tashin Digitech is a digital marketing agency that offers a host of online reputation management services to your brand. These services include online tracking, social media tracking, review, and management of negative comment, crisis response, brand preservation, as well as positive reputation management.

After conducting an initial analysis of your brand’s online reputation, Tashin Digitech partners with your company to develop a unique strategy to meet your brand’s specific needs. It equally provides your own dedicated project manager who tells you of the campaign’s progress each step of the way.

Pricing for Tashin Digitech’s services is variable depending on the specific strategies your business employs. But, our online reputation management company does not require any long-term contracts. We work on a monthly basis, giving you the flexibility to employ other strategies at any time.

Apart from reputation management, Tashin Digitech provides many other digital marketing services, such as web design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and e-commerce solutions.

For its many features of services, monthly pricing and top-notch customer service, Tashin Digitech is the number one choice as the best online reputation management service for businesses.

What to Expect Now and in Future

A positive online reputation will only become more crucial in the years ahead. Research has shown a growing trend in consumers and buyers alike going online to see what other people are saying about the products and services they are considering buying.  

Businesses should be aware that consumers have greater regard for online reviews nowadays. So, keeping new reviews coming in and keeping them positive should be a strong focal point for businesses in the future. According to BrightLocal, about 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews and personal recommendations. The survey they carried out showed that 73 percent of those surveyed affirmed that a positive review makes them trust a local business more.  

With so much control on what consumers say about them online, businesses will have to actively manage their reviews. This includes trying to acquire as many reviews as possible, knowing when new reviews are published and responding to each review, both the good and bad. Research has it that more than 50 percent of consumers expect a response from a business they leave a review for.  

Review management is becoming a standard of online reputation management services, with some companies providing specialized software for managing all of your online reviews from one centralized location or platform. Expect an increase in the number of businesses turning to these services for assistance in 2019 and beyond. 

Concentrate on the Positive and Get Rid of the Negative with Reputation Management

Are you aware of what people are saying concerning your business? About 88 percent of consumers are influenced by online reviews and what others are saying about your company.

Although it is a good omen to ignore what some people are saying about you in real life, it is not necessarily good to ignore they are saying about your online brand. Even if what they say is not true, a bad review can harm your business in a matter of seconds. Thankfully, with a little assistance from the online reputation management squad at Tashin Digitech Digital Marketing Agency, we can repair, build, and protect your brand, so that all your customers have a positive experience when they see your company’s name.

We know that every company can equally benefit from the numerous advantages of a good reputation management company handling their reputation online. Take a good look at just a few of them itemized below.

  • People rely heavily onbrands that have a strong and positive online reputation
  • The stronger your online reputation is, the more moneyyou will make. Plain and simple.
  • Companies that respond to consumer reviewsare always seen as admirable and reliable as compared to companies that do not engage with their audience.

With today’s technology, it has never been easy to build your business online. Working together, we can ensure your brand glows with the right reputation management services.

Amplify Your Brand

Allow your satisfied customers to sing your praises for other people to see, attracting new customers and gaining their trust. While establishing an open forum on the internet also has the potential to be harmful, at Tashin Digitech Digital Marketing, we know how to manage negative feedback, and we will be able to use those reviews to your advantage. Recognized as one of the top online reputation management firms in Las Vegas, we ensure your company is spotlighted accurately on the internet.

When customers review your products and services online, it is essential to manage these reviews and also respond, depending on what is been said. Although responding to satisfied customers is easy, managing unfavorable reviews can be tasking, as it is those that had a negative experience that is more likely to share. Our team will ensure positive feedback is at the forefront of your search results.

You may ask: can we remove all negative reviews?

While it is almost impossible to remove all negative reviews, we go the extra mile to ensure everything positive said about your company outshines and overshadows the negative reviews. Going the extra mile has helped Tashin Digitech grow to become the staple for online brand management in the world.

Control Your Content

Creating content that is both rich in quality and of high value to potential clients will not only enhance your reputation, but it will also boost your online visibility. Establish your brand as the ultimate provider for your products and services. We will produce a content marketing technique that engages the consumer and builds a genuine interest in your brand while strategically removing negative publicity.

Let Social Media Work for You

We will use the various social media platforms to tell your story the way you want it to be told, in line with your brand’s message. Our team will develop a creative strategy that we carry out through relevant channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others to promote your achievements and successes, engage with your customer base, show promotions, and boost your overall image. Social media can also act as an avenue through which we can defend degrading statements and tell to customers to resolve their differences. Generally speaking, we will bring clarity to your consumers it concerns your brand.

So, contact our team of experts now to tell your story the way you want it!

Tashin Digitech exists because the internet is just not fair. We are passionate about people, businesses and brands being represented fairly well online. Knowing full well that the harm that can be done today spreads like wildfire to everyone you know, including your customers, stakeholders, investors, suppliers, employees, family, friends and your community.

If you are already in a reputation issue, our dedicated specialists will take your reputation challenges seriously and offer you a calm, accurate and professional service to take care of the situation and put you back in control.

However, if you are not having reputation issues, but want to be proactive about your online reputation, you are in the right place. We assist many companies, brands, and people to develop and maintain a positive online reputation. In whichever way it comes, we are the reputation management experts you have been seeking, and we are here to help you on your journey to stand out and shine like the stars.

By the way, what is reputation management and how does it work?

Online reputation management makes a difference.

Tashin Digitech works with you to improve your online reputation. We audit your online presence and develop a proven technique to improve visibility on search engines with content, blogs, social media, profiles, PR and much more… All fully optimized.

Our online review strategies and partnership with reliable review platforms ensure positive reviews are highly visible. If there is negative content online coming from your brand, it can harm your reputation. Tashin Digitech can challenge content that breaches laws or website guidelines and get it removed, or even demote negative content.

We will continue to manage and monitor your online reputation, to keep your search results positive. Making sure you control completely all of the content found on search engines about you, your business or brand.

If you need assistance with improving your online reputation, contact our seasoned professionals today.

Maybe you have spent many years building a higher standard online reputation—but it can be damaged in a matter of minutes. The good news is that Tashin Digitech can get it back.

We provide online reputation management services that help you to protect the image of your brand. From negative reviews from very angry customers to deliberate smear campaigns by hostile competitors, we can deal with them all. Our team monitors what people are saying about your business online and then uses white hat SEO strategies to shape conversations to your favor. This service focuses on the following key areas:

  • Finding the causes of the problems
  • Creating a comprehensive strategy to deal with the effects of the problem
  • Reducing the visibility of negative information
  • Protecting the integrity of your brand
  • Improving your online image with positive information
  • Monitoring your online reputation proactively

Online reputation management is more critical nowadays than ever before. Did you know that almost 90 percent of potential customers look you up on Google before transacting business with you? Any negative information they find such as bad reviews, blog posts, and comments can hurt your sales and send them to your competitor’s doorstep.

Tashin Digitech has been providing online reputation management for many years now. We have worked with so many customers, managing their reputation online. By combining our skill in SEO and Internet marketing, we have helped both individuals and businesses to rebuild their bad image and increase customer trust.

If you need to manage your reputation online, contact Tashin Digitech today!


The Online world is slow to forget. Any wrong information that shows up about your company will probably stay there for years unless it is ‘swallowed’ by new, positive information.

Tashin Digitech uses SEO and Internet marketing techniques to reshape the conversation about your brand. It is natural that people tend to believe the first thing they see, so we ensure that your business makes a great first impression by removing bad publicity out of sight. Whether you are battling with negative news, low ratings, bad reviews, or rip off reports, you can rely on our team of experts to restore your good reputation.

Building a positive reputation online is very important not only for the purpose of increasing sales but also for your own peace of mind. Do not allow negative online information about you or your business stay for a long time. Allow Tashin Digitech to provide you with affordable and stellar online reputation management services.

Need more information on our online reputation management service, get in touch with us today.