Pay Per Click Management


Pay per click advertising is a cost-effective means of earning a spot at the top of the results from the big search engines and on websites including digital platforms where your target audience spends most of their time searching for information. But, to get a higher return on your online investment, you need a PPC company that is well-versed, experienced, make the right decisions, optimizes your campaigns continually, and watches over your entire advert to help turn visitors into steady buyers. Which company does that? Tashin Digitech is the company.

PPC advertising enables you to show up at the top of search results for term you want to rank. We aim to help you achieve the first position on the first page. Pay-per-click lets you reduce the number of years of SEO task and land you right at the top. But every time an internet user clicks on your ad, you pay for it. PPC marketing generates traffic and sales instantly without delay as long as the right keywords are used. But if you do not have an ongoing paid search management by a group of digital marketing professionals, you can hardly achieve success. This is why 85 percent of all paid search campaigns lose money in the process.

The statistics below of how PPC works in the online scene should be of interest to you. 

You may not know this fact: the greater majority of the online users (precisely 97 percent of them) goes online in search of local products and services. What you may not know is that 75 percent of these individuals say paid ads make it easier for them to find the information they are looking for online, while 63 percent of online searchers say they click on paid ads.

This data shows that if there is ever been a time to invest in pay per click services, that time is now. Tashin Digitech’s pay per click management services are data-driven and are designed to deliver profitable advertising campaigns for you – our dear client.

When you partner with us, you are certain that your PPC ads are being managed by certified Google Ads professionals and Bing Ads PPC experts. Apart from that, you will get the special advantage of working with a Google Premier Partner—a distinction reserved for the top three percent of Google Partner PPC companies.

PPC Management Services

At Tashin Digitech, we are a full-service PPC management company that has experience and expertise in a full range of PPC marketing techniques across a wide range of verticals. Whether you are selling products or services, our team of search marketing experts will deliver results. Among the many advertising services we offer are the following:

  • Lead generation
  • Landing page creation
  • Paid search advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Social advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Shopping & eCommerce advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • PPC account auditing

PPC advertising is one of the quickest ways to earn more website traffic, leads and generate huge sales. When you choose our Tashin Digitech experts for your PPC management, you are entitled to the following:

High-Quality Search campaigns: Search engine marketing is the most guaranteed, controllable and easiest way for your website to get to the top of search results when people search for your type of business. You pay per click in paid search marketing, using Google Adwords, then it becomes easy for you to control your ad spend, budget and even forecast the Return on Investment (ROI) of your campaign.

Eye-catching Display campaigns: Companies investing in PPC ads as a major opportunity for brand awareness is on the increase every year, and because of the growing competition in every sector, it is now pertinent for companies to get the right PPC agency. Your ads and campaigns can be displayed to your relevant audience in the form of text, image, videos, or rich media formats.


We have been into PPC adverts management for many years and have developed a unique and proven methodology for our PPC campaign management for small and big businesses.

These tried, tested and trusted methodologies are:

  • PPC Strategy: It is critical to develop a robust technique when implementing a new PPC campaign or taking over an already existing account. To get a campaign that is ideal for you, we need to know your business, competitors, and industry, then we can develop a powerful technique that will deliver results.
  • Implementation Strategy: The PPC account is created or we build on an already existing campaign according to best practices.
  • Audience targeting: Our PPC management team uses an extensive set of targeting tools in order for the sole purpose of getting those who want to see your ads alone and in turn optimize your ad budget. Our targeting tools include keyword targeting, contextual targeting, and audience targeting.
  • Ad creative: Many ad copy and creative variations are tested to know which one will generate the highest clicks and conversion rate. We put a strong call to action and continuously test the keywords to ensure you are getting the right traffic at the most affordable cost possible. Our ads comply with Google Adwords and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).
  • Ad Extensions: We use available ad extensions that are important to your ad goals to provide you with the opportunity to stand out over your competitors and reach more people for less.
  • PPC Optimization: This method will refine and properly direct the campaign to continually increase your performance. An advanced and customized optimization strategy is developed to ensure that the targeted ROI is achieved and profit maximized.
  • Reporting: Our Company produces insightful reports about how the PPC campaign is doing and this is measured against the key metrics that are important.

Why Choose Tashin Digitech Over Other PPC Companies?

At Tashin Digitech, we try our best to allow our clients to speak for us. You can take a look at our pay per click reviews and hear directly from them why we are the best PPC Company that is perfect for your needs. Besides, every one of our jobs comes from the perspective of a business owner, and we treat your business like our own.

Let us get down to the full gist. We can offer you some guarantees and perks other companies may not grant you if you stick with us:

You Should Not Be Bothered About Long-Term Contracts. We will not cease you for a specific period of time.

You Will Be The Owner Of Your Ad Creatives. A few PPC advertising companies will not allow you to keep your ad creatives when you leave. We dare not do that.

Your Marketing Costs Will Be Optimized. All your PPC ads are monitored, measured, and analyzed for improvements. This lowers your costs and increases results.

You Will Have The Peace Of Mind That We Are Working For You. Our core belief is in building partnerships and not acquiring customers.

We Will Provide You With A Dedicated Account Manager to help in guiding you and a support team that includes an analyst, web designer, and a dedicated PPC management expert.

You Will Get Detailed Monthly Reports that link PPC performance to your bottom line. What else are you waiting for?

Your paid search campaigns should factor in your client’s multi-path journey to your business. That is why our team approaches PPC as one crucial aspect of your overall Marketing Stack.

Tashin Digitech takes a deep look at the major reason your business is uniquely important to your clients, how they think and behave, as well as how they search. Then we use PPC to serve exactly-targeted messages. The end result will be to win your customers’ hearts.

  • No harmful shortcuts, ever.
  • Our strategies support exceptional customer experiences.
  • All channels work together towards clear and measurable goals.

Adwords Management Services

We are a licensed Google Adwords agency based in Las Vegas and provide a full range of Adwords management services. We have many years of experience working on the Adwords platform, which represents 42 percent of the entire online advertising space in the United States and almost 65 percent of the search advertising space.

Bing Ads Management

Microsoft and Bing represent an extra 25 percent of the search advertising space. While there are two and half times more Google searches than Bing, Bing ads should be a component of every search marketing campaign. Benefits for Bing include cheaper costs and less competition when compared to equivalent Google campaigns.

Facebook and Other Social Ads

Social media advertising represents a large and growing advertising market. Facebook has more than one billion active internet users and its advertising platform provides a great deal of targeting millions allowing businesses to target their perfect audience in those locations where they spend their quality time. Advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms provides a great compliment to search engine advertising and can together drive better results.

Tashin Digitech’s Process

Success with pay per click requires an ongoing and repetitive process of steady improvement. We do not have campaigns where we set it and move on. Our process encompasses constantly iterating and refining campaigns and landing pages to ensure that your campaigns continue to have better conversion rates, lower cost per click, and higher click through rates all of which result in a better return on investment.

Our dedicated account managers make sure that every client has one basic point of contact.

We provide an in-depth reporting and analysis of the previous month at the end of every month, together with our strategic plan for the month ahead, and our advertising intelligence dashboard allows customers to see in real-time the performance of their advertising.

Why Pay Per Click Management campaign is very crucial

When customers look for your business online, and your website does not show up consistently on the first page of the search engine, it means you are losing customers to your competitors. There are two ways to improve your website visibility on the first page which is PPC management and advertising and SEO services

Search engine optimization is optimizing your website, so when people naturally click on it from the search engine, you do not pay for clicks. But PPC advertisement is more beneficial when compared to search engine optimization, as it gives you the opportunity to control your ranking on a search engine, unlike SEO where you are not in control of your ranking. Another reason is this: if you set up PPC account on AdWords, you can see your ads in a matter of hours. You can get the best results only when the right steps are used correctly. Use Tashin Digitech’s service today.


Pay Per Click advertising can produce instant results only when they are handled by experts. As a top pay-per-click company, we have the requisite experience to give our customers quick results with our Pay Per Click management services. Approximately 60 percent of traffic is driven by proper and successful advertising campaigns.

Be it known to you that search engine marketing is the quickest way to get your site on the top ranking of search engine results. PPC management is actually the most affordable solution for businesses to get huge organic traffic to their sites. Our team at Tashin Digitech can help you reach your target audience and pay for the cost-per-clicks that you get.

Pay per click advertising is an integral part of online marketing. Tashin Digitech has in-depth research and expertise in launching paid search and display campaigns.