Local SEO

Local SEO

Do you now that somebody might be searching for your product or service in Google at the moment? Well, your company or brand needs to be competitive in the search engine rankings so you do not lose customers to your competitors.

SEO is becoming easier and easier due to the tools and resources available to the marketer today.

Organic SEO is quite different from Local SEO in the sense that you are looking for terms that are not localized. And you must know how to optimize your website for these organic SEO searches.

Our recommendation is that you consult with a professional agency to execute your SEO campaign.


With respect to digital marketing, getting new customers is not an issue, rather it is building a predictable system to get new customers. There are three marketing options for growing your business. The first option is to invest heavily in advertising, but that could potentially reduce your brand with paid ads. The second option is to hire an employee, and you know how expensive that can be. We believe in the third option: using your website – this is the most powerful salesperson in the world. 

Did you know that 70% of search engine users click on organic (non-paid) listings instead of the ads at the top of the page?  

Tashin Digitech specializes in creating digital marketing campaigns for small businesses and enterprises that are made up of organic traffic from Google’s search engine. Furthermore, Tashin Digitech helps clients with social media management, PPC advertising, graphic design, and marketing consulting. Read more about our services by clicking here.


Our company conducts a complete keyword research process to identify your most valuable keywords in your market before we can commence an organic SEO campaign.
Tashin Digitech uses industry-standard tools to search for keywords that produce results for your business. We can choose keywords that give you an opportunity to get the ranking in the Google search engine to compete for high-value keywords depending on your domain rating.

Immediately our team at Tashin Digitech identifies your target keywords, we will list and disclose them to you before optimizing your website for its implementation. Your job would be to approve the keywords our team chooses before engaging in the organic SEO campaign.


Tashin Digitech considers optimizing content for your SEO campaign and creating high-quality content for an SEO campaign a major step that should be implemented to keep your website alive. If you do not have a page with content targeting the right keyword when mapping out your keywords, the Tashin Digitech team will create SEO friendly content to get the keyword ranking by using industry on-page SEO strategies.

We perform the necessary research while creating the content for your business so you don’t have to worry your heard and can focus on your business. However, if you want to learn how we would create the content for your specific business, get in touch with us today to learn more about our own strategy.


Writing amazing content is only an aspect of the SEO process. You need to make the content glow and make more high-quality backlinks that will increase your SEO rankings. The Tashin Digitech team works with a network of bloggers and copywriters to get contextual backlinks for your website.

In addition to contextual backlinks, the Tashin Digitech team works with high-quality news links to increase your digital marketing efforts. Using local media channels, we work with producers and PR experts to get you media placements for long term growth.
Alternatively, we do not approve black hat techniques when it comes to link building such as placing private blog network links that can flag your website. We only use ethical link building strategies by using quality content as link bait.

Local SEO

Do you want to get more local clients to either visit or call your business? With 47% of Google searches requesting for local information, it is very difficult to ignore using local SEO services as the direction for your business to gain more valuable customers.

Local search engine optimization is the method of increasing Google rankings. This is done by applying a series of tactics in hopes of higher search rankings when a customer performs a local search. Businesses depend on local SEO services to get more customers for their business without having to pay for costly advertising.


Some of these statistics should help you understand why you should be looking at local search engine optimization for your business:

  • 88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within a day.
  • 86% of internet users look up the location of a business on Google Maps.
  • 92% of searches will choose businesses on the first page of local search results.


Google controls the majority of the traffic in the online community and it is the first website on Alexa. In fact, Google controls traffic.

Affordable Local SEO Services

Tashin Digitech team understands everything about optimizing a business for local search engines without charging the high rates of a larger agency. We do this by concentrating our time and effort on ranking factors that matter for the individual business. Striving for things like getting more quality reviews and creating effective content for local search visibility, our team works on your search campaign with experience.
Our rate is quite easy for our local SEO services. Here comes a breakdown for a better understanding:
• We charge at an hourly rate for services based on the project.
• Our hourly time spent is measured based on the population of your target market.
• We use a variety of expert contractors to deliver standard services in our bid to provide affordable local SEO services.

We advise you to get in touch with us today to know more about our rates for your location and individual goals. We charge our clients on an individual case basis determined by the popularity or difficulty of the keywords for which they want to rank in a Google search.

Understanding Our Local SEO Strategy

Who are we? Your average SEO team? NO! Tashin Digitech is a chosen team of experts who love to compete for the big boy terms in every industry. We have an aggressive nature in our company culture and we replicate those same efforts with our clients. This is an outline of how we begin the scope of work associated with a local SEO service campaign:

Reporting & Analysis
We approach it by understanding first where you really are in the local SEO process. We go further to completely examine where your keywords are currently appearing in the Google search engine. With a good analysis of where your business stands at the moment, we can prepare for your campaign in a proactive manner. Our reporting consists of a few simple analysis just to measure the SEO health of your website:
Technical Analysis: At this point, we critically look at the health condition of your website. We check for important factors including website speed, usability, tracking, and accurate conversion code installation.
• Competitor Analysis: Our well-versed SEO professionals find the answers to questions about the competition before stepping into any campaign. Questions such as: Who are your major competitors? Why are they ranking higher in the search engine? What quality content are they producing and how often?
• Traffic Analysis: We closely examine how visitors are searching for your business and getting their desired results. Choosing the right keywords is an important aspect of our local SEO services. Where are your visitors currently coming from? How many are coming from local organic search?

Local SEO Keyword Research

Once we successfully conclude our analysis and understand the technicalities involved, we will take some time to determine the best SEO keywords for your business to target. If you have performed local SEO services before, it means that your website might already be targeting these keywords. It is probable we will find some “good to go” keyword opportunities once we generate the report which is quite good because our local SEO packages usually raise your low hanging keywords immediately. Here are some of the major ways we discover your local SEO keywords:

  • Applying keyword research tools: We will usually start by looking at the particular keyword people are searching for in your local area. Using this data, we can create a list of suggested keywords to improve the rate at which your business matches the search.
  • Focusing on your competitor’s keywords: Your competitor is ranking for important keywords that you also want to target, this scenario is what plays out most often. We begin by critically looking into what they are ranking for, the way they are ranking, and then we amp them by creating higher quality content for that will boost your business.
  • Knowing the right keywords you want to target: Again, we will know the keywords our new customers would likely want to By understanding your keyword phrases, we can make a suggestion based on the information we gathered during our analysis. Your clients and their searching habits are often the greatest tools for finding local keyword opportunities!

Measuring Performance of Your Keywords

As a part of the SEO campaign, we look into what is actually working and what is not. From our evaluation, we can determine the best direction to follow. If we find out that keywords are increasing on one page but reducing on the others, we put t in the necessary resources to get all pages up and running without losing strength in the search. Here are some key factors we monitor closely throughout your campaign:

Keyword Movement Reporting: The targeted keywords chosen at the beginning of your SEO campaign are monitored throughout the campaign to know their movement in search engine rankings. Our team at Tashin Digitech delivers these results to you in a monthly report so that you can see our level of progress.
Google Analytics Reporting: By using Google Analytics information, we usually find re-optimizing avenues in your SEO campaign. With this reporting, we show you your traffic differentiated by so many variables such as gender, age, behavior, income, location, search device, and others.
Executive Reporting: We will give you an executive reporting statement at the end of every month where we will state in detail all of our optimization efforts in one report. This detail including analytics, rankings, directories, and social media stats. Our executive reporting will show you all you need to know about how well you are performing online.

Using Rich Media to Increase Local SEO
With many of your customers watching video, reading infographics, and viewing pictures on a website, you need to use more than just text to give your local SEO campaign that added advantage. The Tashin Digitech team understands this and uses rich media in all your campaign including images designed to fit your brand, videos that represent your business, and infographics that show your skill visually in a way that consumers can easily understand.
Increasing your local SEO results begins with knowing the different media outlets suitable for your local SEO campaign:

Using audio to amplify local SEO results: Audio is one of the most common media outlets that can build trust with your visitors, by verbally advising them to make the commitment and sign up for the offer of your call to action. Audio is a great format for those who want their visitors to hear their message but do not want to get in front of a camera.

Using video marketing for local SEO: Video marketing has become one of the most effective ways to tell a story. Giving your visitors and customers the option to watch a video builds the relationship and trust between them and your brand. It also gets them to visit your site for a bit longer. This additional time on your website increases your search engine optimization results making video marketing a major local SEO option. Tashin Digitech video production team makes sure that your brand is represented precisely in every social platform.

Using infographics for local SEO: In today’s world, everybody is busy and want to get in and out at a faster pace. Infographics give them what they are looking for in concise and visually appealing presentations. The Tashin Digitech team produces “eye-catching infographics” for your website by showcasing your brand in the form of an infographic, thereby giving your viewers and visitors the information that is easy to grasp.

Using Social Media to Increase Local SEO Results

To succeed in this information age, social media marketing is not something to overlook when performing a Local SEO campaign.

Social signals and citations are 4 percent of Google’s local ranking factor according to MOZ local.

Although that is a small percentage, social media and branding can increase SEO results by way of the branded searches that come after a social engagement campaign. What it means is that if customers conduct a search for your business after they saw a social media post, you will gain an extra SEO benefit. Google likes brands and if customers are searching for your business in the Google search, then Google will give you more of a quality score because of your branding. The Tashin Digitech team will design, schedule, and post on your social media profiles for you.

Turn Your Website into a Complete Sales Person, How?

Tashin Digitech has personally seen the impact of local SEO on a business. At the moment, we rank for top-performing keywords such as “Nevada SEO”, “local SEO services”, and many others. This is based on our SEO program for local businesses that you can now leverage on when you place a call with one of our professionals. Our team will work to develop a custom technique that will boost your organic results for the long term without using outdated 2010 tactics that could eventually get your website banned from Google.

Contact us by filling out the form below or if you have any questions, see our Local SEO FAQs and reviews down below so we can get you started immediately!