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Tashin DigiTech is one of the best leading digital marketing agencies in the world. It is providing its service all over the world and especially the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It was founded in June 2012 and in the last few years it has done thousands of projects successfully. We have done with all types of different companies and industries such as Transportation service (Limo/Party Bus…..), home services (remodeling/renovation), real estate(buy/sell house/agent), medical (tubal reversal/IVF/Dental/Fertility), and legal (lawyers/attorneys). Tashin Digitech is continuously working with small and medium businesses owners and increasing their ROI (Return on Investment).


Tashin DigiTech always produces a positive result for its client. It has an excellent team for specific service. Like, A team for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), A team for Website Design, A team for Writing and a team for graphic design.


Tashin DigiTech always protects clients data. It is well known about the privacy of your business. Every client has his/her own strategy for the business and the strategy is confidential. TD always take care of that.


Tashin DigiTech always works on achieving the client’s goal. From the first date of the contract, it focuses on the targeted goal so that before the contract end, the client can get his/her expectation on due time.


Tashin DigiTech always builds its clients reputation. It focuses on branding the client’s business so that the client can enjoy the benefit of his/her business in the future.


While a client you works with highly innovative professionals including graphic designers software engineers web developers repository engineers cloud technicians marketing and SEO authorities and support crew Our key Objective is to innovate put together and offer functional user friendly successful and all interim objective is to deliver SEO solutions inside the reach of companies of sizes Atlanta divorce attorneys spot in the globeusive strategies to present and long term desires in the online marketing marketplace The long

All of us design alternatives tailored to fulfill the needs of the business or job Call us today to master how we may help increase your web site and transform your marketing campaign overall performance keep costs down and improve your revenue.Our deep experience and outstanding understanding of company’s business site areas and requirements to make a personalized fit option for his or her personal business needs Support clients to make meaningful interactions with their market and make better makes through linked digital encounters

Our processes encounter and expertise combines to provide a creatively compelling features rich knowledge for your clients Your business will in addition benefit from a specialist reliable program reinforced simply by a group of first-class gurus. Our strategy could be the series of actions that allow you to obtain your firm goals through carefully determined digital marketing channels These stations include paid out obtained and owned press and may every support one common marketing campaign about a particular profession.

Our Skills

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Website Design
Graphic Design


What Poeple Said

This is the Best Company, I am very glad to work with this Company.
UX Developer
Amazing Experience with all of this!!!
Ellina Williams
Team Leader
Online Digital Marketing and Reputation is an important factor and they are great Builders…Have a great Experience.
Eyad Mohamed

The Ultimate For Your Business

Each of our company that lives and breathes away from box We really are a group of digital marketing experts whom capture individuals genuine yellow metal concepts and transform these people into actuality A key reason we are self-confident about providing the outcomes is that people have the very best talent in each and every digital funnel By design and creation to SEO providers articles sociable and beyond we all interact to make sure you view the finest outcomes around all promotions We are laser beam centered on RETURN and prefer to keep items transparent which means you know where exactly and how your hard earned money has been spent

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Our Team Leaders

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Founder & CEO

TAJUDDIN AHAMED is the Founder & CEO of Tashin DigiTech. He has 11+ year experience in digital space.

Iqbal Hasan

Iqbal Hasan

Leader of SEO team

Iqbal Hasan has 12+ years of experience in the Search Engine Optimization field.

Firoz Sarker

Firoz Sarker

Leader of Writing team

Firoz Sarker has started his writing journey in 2002. He has joined at Tashin DigiTech as head of writing team in 2014.

Muhammad Usman

Muhammad Usman

Head of Website Design & Graphic Design team

Muhammad Usman is working in this field from 2005. He joined at Tashin DigiTech in 2015 as Head of the website design & graphic design department.